/pæd / (say pad)

1. a cushion-like mass of some soft material, for comfort, protection, or stuffing.
2. a guard for the leg, containing padding and stiffeners, as worn by those batting and wicketkeeping in cricket, goalkeeping in hockey, etc.
3. a cushion used as a saddle; saddle of leather and padding without a tree.
4. a number of sheets of paper glued together at one edge.
5. writing pad.
6. a soft ink-soaked block of absorbent material for inking a rubber stamp.
7. keypad.
8. a sanitary napkin.
9. one of the cushion-like protuberances on the underside of the feet of dogs, foxes, and some other animals.
10. the foot of a fox or other beast of the chase.
11. Zoology a pulvillus, as on the tarsus or foot of an insect.
12. the large floating leaf of the waterlily.
13. a device built into a road surface by which, in passing over them, vehicles actuate changes of traffic lights.
a. Aerospacelaunching pad.
b. Aeronautics a smallish area set aside for helicopter or STOL use.
15. Colloquial a dwelling, especially a single room, compatible with an alternative lifestyle: *Fine, fine – got a grouse pad, sharing with a coupla chicks and another guy. –mary leslie, 1986.
16. Colloquial a bedroom.
17. Colloquial a bed.
verb (t) (padded, padding)
18. to furnish, protect, fill out, or stuff with a pad or padding.
19. Also, pad out. to expand (writing or speech) with unnecessary words or matter.
20. pad up, to put on padding in preparation for a sporting position requiring such protection, as the wicketkeeper in cricket or the goalkeeper in ice hockey.
{special uses of obsolete pad bundle to lie on, ? blend of pack1 and bed}
padder, noun
/pæd / (say pad)

1. a dull sound, as of footsteps on the ground.
2. a road horse, distinguished from a hunter or workhorse.
3. a highwayman.
4. a path worn by animals, as by cattle through paddocks.
5. Obsolete Colloquial a distance covered on foot, especially by a swagman.
verb (padded, padding)
verb (t)
6. to travel along on foot.
7. British to beat down by treading.
verb (i)
8. to travel on foot.
9. to go with the dull sound of footsteps.
{? from Middle Dutch paden (verb); related to path}
padder, noun
/pæd / (say pad)

1. a handle into which various interchangeable small tools can be inserted.
2. Also, pod. the socket of a brace into which the end bit is inserted.
{compare Old English pād covering, cloak}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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